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[[Yeah~ Ah, good, I’m glad to hear I wasn’t the only one! I’m fine as well, enjoying the summer hols! ^^]]


//ooc: Aha~ Yay for summer! It’s been horribly hot and humid here in Missouri USA, is it just as bad over in England?

//It was the the same way last week, but now it’s just back to being abnormally mild, wet, and cloudy -_- Yay summer.

immortal-annabelle asked: //ooc: What's ya'll's opinions on cheese? idkman

"Personally, I only like the mild stuff, and only with crackers. Rather fitting, don’t you think? He he he!"

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Anonymous asked: Y'know how I want to die? I want to glue my hands to my head, have cheese-wire strung around my neck, and then I would jump off of a building. If done right; I would be holding my severed head when I hit the ground. I might need a basket ball hoop to dunk it though. :D

"That, my dear, is pure GENIUS! I want to go that way as well now!"


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coughyshops asked: How would you describe Morbid Humor, Undertaker?

"Rather like marmite, he he!"


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nangkasesigar asked: Do you like to be alone or around peoples?

"Around people—very much so! Though it is nice to have time to oneself from time to time."

Anonymous asked: How many kids do you have?? And are they ALL girls?!

"He he…well, anon, when you get to my age you rather lose track even of things like that…I honestly can’t give an answer!"


"And yes, I believe they are~!"

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